Your mastery has increased by 1…

The announcement of modern masters was made during the Pro Tour coverage this past weekend and it has certainly generated some excitement within the community, myself included.  I am still yet to play a game of Modern given my complete lack of Modern cards and little interest at the local stores for games.  This set might change that however, as I really like the idea of playing a non-rotating format.

This release was certainly something I wasn’t expecting, as it isn’t like anything WOTC has done before (people keep talking about this ‘Chronicles‘ thing, but not all of us were playing at the dawn of time).  Looking back all the signs seemed to be there though.  They would always talk about how they wanted to promote the format by finding ways to reprint the staple cards, but some cards have just been deemed too powerful to put back into standard (Tarmogoyf).  Inserting cards into summer releases (ie commander precons) could lead to people having to by multiple copies of the same deck to get the play set of the one chase card, not doing any real favors for the cards value (see Scavenging Ooze).  So they seem to have come up with a pretty sweet little solution of a limited release set, which is even draftable (because if you listen to any high profile magic player, they will tell you that draft is awesome and you should all do it).

I hope it turns out to be a success, as I wouldn’t mind seeing some Modern events happen at my local store.  Turn 3 Karn, anyone?

A link to the modern masters announcement can be found here.


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